Cooking-up yarns for people with good taste.
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Independent hand-dyed yarn company, using mulesing-free wool, located in Dublin, Ireland. Custom colours available at no extra dyeing charge. 

“I love that hand-dyeing yarn is an artistic process that results in something of use to people. I love when an idea goes from my head to my pot, to my hands – that it is now out in the world, for myself and for others to use.The dyer, the pattern designer, the knitter, the crocheter, we all share in the creation of the end piece, together.  Hand-dyeing started out as something to do for me, and became a way to meet and engage with a fabulous community of people all over the world.” - Rachel

The story:

For many years, Rachel had been knitting, crochet, and colour obsessed. She noted that she could not always find the colours she wanted, in the yarn that she wanted, in the weight that she wanted... so driven by a slightly maddening, not-so-small obsession with colour, Rachel started dyeing yarn she liked to use, with the hope that others would like to use it too. Using a variety of techniques (kettle dyeing, hand-painting, and immersion), and professional acid dyes, she aims to produce beautiful tones and colour rhythms for yarn that you just can't wait to get your hands on. Find out more about the process and the colours in Yarn Info.

The Fibre Kitchen, well, it’s exactly as it sounds. We "cook" colourful yarn, and it's calorie free! So try your favourite "flavours" in your knitting and crochet, or combine a few into project "recipes."

The Fibre Kitchen yarns are used by people all over the world. In addition to good old Ireland, some of the other places we've shipped to are: France, Brazil, UK, Denmark, Czech Republic, and many states in The US.

Thank you for visiting and check back often for updates. 

In action, cooking-up yarns for people with good taste, like you!

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